My husband and I have both been patients of Stacy Helmert for quite a long time.  She has always kept her appointments timely but also took the time to answer any questions we might have.  Stacy also has helped both of us find a way to get hearing aids when it would benefit us.  She made sure that Don got help at the VA and she is more than willing to see him if there are any problems not indicating a trip to Conway to see VA.  When I needed a new set of hearing aids but could not afford them, she recommended the Starkey Co. help for those with less income and I was qualified for aid.  She also does all the follow-up and makes any recommendations or information we might need.  Neither of us would hesitate to recommend Stacy Helmert as a primary hearing provider.  She is patient and thorough and treats patients as friends.  Her office staff also is willing to give any help necessary.  The office is always a pleasant place and welcoming as well as responsive to patients.

- Don and Sue Kilton

What can I say? I have been going here for a couple of years.  My appointments are thorough and on time.  She listens to my situations and adjusts the hearing aids to fit my needs. She checks my hearing(and ears) for ongoing treatment.  She takes time to make sure the hearing aids are working properly.  Oh yeah, and the warranty is very good.  I called her one day and stated my dog chewed on them.  She repaired them that day. 

- Frederick Olsen

We came and saw Dr. Helmert on a referral from our ENT.  She was so engaging with our (at the time) 4 year old.  She made him feel at ease and I was so thankful with how thorough she was and trusted her recommendations. :) Thanks, Tenille 

- Tenille Rauls

A friend recommended Doctor Helmert to me.  I found Dr. Helmert to be a complete professional.  She is dedicated to her work, and to her patients.  She not only treats our hearing needs but is a very warm and friendly person.  I could have gone to several hearing centers, but I am thankful I went to Dr. Helmert. 

- Harold Bates

Helmert Hearing was my first experience with the need for hearing testing, hearing aids, and continued hearing services. Since 2010 Stacy and Rena have been providing me with reliable, considerate, cordial, and above all, competent service. Their friendly attentions make the difficulties of hearing loss less stressful, even rewarding as the loss is overcome with the correct devices.  Stacy has always been generous in her explanations, tender in her ministrations, and knowledgeable regarding the best options for me.  Stacy took the time to find out what I wanted and was able to provide the right aids that met my needs.  I'm active so the aids need to be secure.  I don't want to mess with tiny batteries, so the behind-the-ear Starkeys work well.  With all the other hearing choices available in Mtn. Home, Helmert Hearing stands out to me as easily accessible, the least gimmicky, and the most personal.  I always feel like I'm with friends....plus I always snitch a granola snack bar or candy as a reward for my diligence.  I also appreciate her extra commitment to our community.  Her volunteer efforts with the soccer association have contributed to improved lifestyles, sportsmanship, and sports skills for may youngsters.  This extra effort is present also in her personal services to her clients.

- Mike Breton

Dr. Helmert treated our mother until her passing at age 99.  She did an excellent job of explaining things and keeping the hearing aids clean and in good working order.  Since our mother was quite resistant to wearing aids, Dr. Helmert had to patiently explain the process of retraining your brain to hear with the aids a number of times, but she was always kind and patient.  We certainly recommend Dr. Helmert for both her skills and her pleasant personality.  Sincerely, Penny Ellis and Jennifer Bake

- Penny Ellis and Jennifer Baker

I found Dr. Helmert to be very caring, compassionate and a pleasure to work with.  She took great care to check all aspects of my hearing and to help me get a faster referral to an ENT.  I really appreciated her hard work and honesty and she explained each and every step of my exam.  I highly recommend her to anyone having trouble with their hearing.  

- Devona Pendergrass

I have been a patient of Helmert Hearing Clinic for about three years.  I come for check ups every three months to have the wax cleaned out of my ears and have my hearing aids cleaned.  I am happy for the service of Dr. Helmert and her staff.  I have told may people about your clinic, the good service I receive and how they can finance hearing aids thru Care Credit and pay no interest if they pay it off in one year.

- Bill Cubr

I have been under the wonderful care of Dr. Stacy Helmert for many years.  I have always been one to stick with an individual that I feel is caring and professional, and above all, helpful.  So, when she opened her own clinic, I did the right thing and followed her.  I have had a hearing problem for over thirty years.  Dr. Helmert helped me cope with my problem in so many positive ways.  Dr. Helmert is a very caring professional, with a family member type of personality.  I felt very confident in recommending my daughter and her children to seek her care.  I truly believe she is the best and provides the most comprehensive care in the area.  Thank you, Dr. Stacy Helmert, for helping me make such positive changes to my lifestyle.

- David Mutchler

Helmert Hearing Clinic has been a wonderful experience.  Stacy has been very good about making any adjustments to my hearing aids, handling insurance and warranty items without any problems.  She is always concerned about my hearing health and offering great advice on how to maintain my hearing aids.  I would recommend anyone who is in the area to go see her for great service!

Derrell Stimpson
- Derrell Stimpson
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