Helmert Hearing Clinic
Helmert Hearing Clinic
Helmert Hearing Clinic
Dr. Stacy Helmert

We’re All Ears!

Hearing helps you connect with those around you and is a vital part of living your life to the fullest. At the Helmert Hearing Clinic in Mountain Home, we understand the issues surrounding hearing loss and offer our patients the best audiology and hearing services available.

If you or someone you know is having issues with their hearing, schedule an appointment today so that we can properly evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage your hearing loss. We also work with those experiencing tinnitus and balance disorders.

In addition to our services, our office also offers a full range of products such as hearing aids, hearing protection products, batteries, and hearing device cleaning supplies. 

Helmert Icon Dr. Stacy Helmert Au.D.
~ David Mutchler ~

I have been under the wonderful care of Dr. Stacy Helmert for many years.  I have always been one to stick with an individual that I feel is caring and professional, and above all, helpful.  So, when she opened her own clinic, I did the right thing and followed her.  I have had a hearing problem for over thirty years.  Dr. Helmert helped me cope with my problem in so many positive ways.  Dr. Helmert is a very caring professional, with a family member type of personality.  I felt very confident in recommending my daughter and her children to seek her care.  ...

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